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Critique by Shadowelve Shadowelve/critique/1010797793">Aug 28, 2014, 5:06:54 AM
Hello :wave:

First of all: this is amazing! I am really in love with this shot!

I must admit, this picture is nothing I’ve never seen before. In my opinion it’s hard to capture more or less simple landscape in a unique and “never-seen-before”-way. But I think, you chose a nice point of view to take this picture. I think it would have been nicer without the heavy tree or whatever on the right side, but this is certainly something you can’t control most of the times :D Nonetheless it would have created a wider perspective if you understand, what I mean. The view almost feels too limited. But I really like the overall cold and calm atmosphere you captured.

I don’t think, I have anything major to criticize concerning the technique ^^ I tried to shoot at night once and I found it incredibly difficult to keep the important parts in focus. I think at last I ended up with a nice atmosphere, but completely washed-out colors. You managed to keep both: the colors are vibrant and the shadows are sharp. It feels totally natural and not overly edited or post-processed.

As I said before, I really love this picture. It feels soft and calm, wonderful real in a way. Sorry, I can’t explain it better. The details in the sky are amazing and I love the way, the stars seem to reflect in the undisturbed water. I think, I would have loved it even better when the right side was a little bit more open and less black because of the tree. Maybe it would have been interesting to move a little to the left (if possible haha :D) and capture the light source a little bit more to the left. A certain asymmetry could have been interesting too and maybe the black tree wouldn’t have felt as disturbing as it does now.

Buuut, this is really criticizing on a high level… It’s a breathtaking picture! There are always little things to improve, but this is nature, not everything has to be perfect! Nonetheless, you kinda managed to capture a little bit of perfect nature here :clap:

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Phoenixstamatis Featured By Owner Oct 4, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
Thank you very much for the critique. I definitely appreciate it. I did take some shots without the tree as well for the reasons you mentioned, but in the end I kinda liked the idea of the image obstructed by something in the foreground :-)
Shadowelve Featured By Owner Nov 19, 2014  Hobbyist Photographer
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