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This deviation was deleted


You asked me to write a critique for this, soooo... Here it is :giggle:

First of all: I really like the overall outcome... It has this kind of magical, glitter sparkle fairy feeling (I can't describe it better ^^) which is awesome. Normally I'm not a huge fan of girly glitter stuff, but this is very nice.
What I like most of this work is the object itself. You captured it in such a nice way that it feels almost like a kind of puzzle. You can look at it, but don't really guess what it is. This underlines the magical atmosphere very well :clap:

Generell I have two points of "critique":
1) The crop. I thought it was a square when I saw this the first time, but now I noticed it's just 1000x933px and you see this when you look closer. It's a little bit irritating for the watcher, because you don't recognize a "normal" format like horizontal panorama or something. So I think I would have cut the left side a little bit more... Just to make it look even - I can't explain it better, sorry :/ But you know what I mean!
2) The bokeh in the bottom left corner. I think it's a little bit too much there. The watcher's eyes should be caught by the sharp part in the middle, but because the bokeh is soo much there the eyes get easily distracted by it.
Overall there is this kind of negative imaginary line from the top left to bottom right. Normally it's better the other way round (means from bottom left to top right - in the western point of view!). Did you try to rotate it horizontally? I think it would be interesting to see the different version then!

What I like really much about this work is the sharp part in the middle right. The details are incredible, so clear and nice! That's really amazing. You did a great great job on the light here, the sparkles pop out so well :love:
A second thing I really like is the dark bokeh in the background. It makes the actual object stand out and gives an overall nice feeling of depth and perspective!

All in all I really like the concept (means the overall idea of the final image you had) and the general outcome. Whether the idea of capturing sparkles is original or not - this is a subjective decision. For me it's not the most original idea, but the WAY you captured this idea is very unique to me. LOVE! :D
So don't get me wrong when I said something negative about this work, I really really like it!

Have a nice day,
:heart: Vera
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