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Hello everyone :wave:

I proudly present the winners of SkyAndNatureClub's contest "Scenery in Black and White".
All information about the contest can be found here: Contest: Scenery in Black and White, the announcement of the winners is here: Scenery in Black and White: Winners!

Sooooo last but not least: special thanks to JenFruzz for hosting the contest as well as to the other judges and price donators :squee: You're awesome!
And now enjoy the winners' artworks!

1st place Ravensaura

Forgotten by Ravensaura
Beyond This Life by RavensauraLike a Painting by Ravensaura
Down Here, We All Float by RavensauraOmnomnom by RavensauraInhale by Ravensaura

2nd place Shadow-Amethyst13

Black and white sheep by Shadow-Amethyst13
Not long now by Shadow-Amethyst13Autumn blur by Shadow-Amethyst13Red dress by Shadow-Amethyst13
Summer apples by Shadow-Amethyst13Blue cluster by Shadow-Amethyst13Start again by Shadow-Amethyst13

3rd place MK-NI

methane falls by MK-NI
mountain view 3 by MK-NInc by MK-NIKrimml 5 by MK-NI
Close Up 7 by MK-NI- Fog - by MK-NIClose Up 12 by MK-NI


Have a wonderful day
:heart: Shadowelve
Hey guys :wave:
Long time no see... I have been pretty busy with moving (again), a new job and so on... But I lurked once in a while ^^
I just noticed, dA celebrates the 15th birthday - how awesoooome :squee: So why not join the celebration and take place in the questionnaire?! Here we go...

  1. How long have you been on DeviantArt?
    I just checked... For 8 years now :wow:

  2. What does your username mean?
    I was 16 when I first joined and this might have been my "dark phase" (:giggle:). I loved everything dark and fantasy-ish... So because my first ever internet username ("Kaye") was taken and I refused to add a number, Shadowelve was born. When the dA-name-change-thingy was introduced I thought about going with something more "professional" like my real name. But oh the nostalgia... In the end I couldn't do it :D

  3. Describe yourself in three words.
    Imaginative, a little crazy (who isn't? :D), cheerful

  4. Are you left or right handed?
    I'm right handed, but left footed :giggle:

  5. What was your first deviation?
    Oh... Unfortunately it's not in my gallery anymore... But this is one of my earliest deviations and the oldest in my gallery:
    Feel for you by Shadowelve

  6. What is your favourite type of art to create?
    I always loved drawing and painting when I was younger. But I never valued my skills particularly high and never show my traditional pieces to anyone :D When I joined dA I  was obsessed with photomanipulation. Over the years it changed to photography... Sooo basically I really like trying new things and just doodle around. I don't consider myself as a real brilliant artist, but I like what I do haha :D

  7. If you could instantly master a different art style, what would it be?
    Oh that's hard... I really love all the traditional and digital artist who can paint these incredibly detailed works and have the skill to bring their visions to life (I have the visions, but not the skill haha)... It's sooo hard to decide... I'm just going to show you some examples:
    Paper Birds by KmyeChan Nimue by Dianae Coeurs fondants by AquaSixio Dreaming of Love by Lillucyka Requiem by noah-kh
    Or all the photographers who are able to catch the beauty of nature or create really cool concepts like these:
    the fallen sons of Eve by JeanFan The Tale by Nelleke Autumn Ethereal by alexandre-deschaumes
    Ahhh and sooo many things more I'd like to be able to do...

  8. What was your first favourite?
    Lord Death by SAB687
    :giggle: I told you...

  9. What type of art do you tend to favourite the most?
    Mhmm I favorite everything I like... I think I watch mostly photographers and mixed media artists... But no matter which gallery: when I like a piece, I :+fav: it ^^

  10. Who is your all-time favourite deviant artist?
    :iconkmyechan: I think... But there are so many great artists... I love the works of :iconsaimain:, :icondianae:, :iconaquasixio: really much... I always loved the art of :iconlunebleu: and :iconprincess-of-shadows:... And of course the photography masterpieces of :iconfoureyes:, :iconm0thart: or :iconrealitydream:
    There are sooo many talented people out there, the list would be endless.. So please bare with me if I didn't mention everyone! But you are all awesoooome :giggle:

  11. If you could meet anyone on DeviantArt in person, who would it be?
    Mhmm I think you are all lovely :D I guess the most realistic meeting would be with members of my german photography group germanphotographers... But I would love to meet all my favorite deviants and maybe get a private lesson and secret tips!

  12. How has a fellow deviant impacted your life?
    Ah this one is really hard... Because I can't really name one deviant that changed my life or something. But I think it's the whole community that impacted it. I always loved being around here. Sometimes more, sometimes less... But overall it's a really lovely community. If you are open and nice yourself there is so much in return. I always liked this about dA and I think this taught me some real life lessons too!

  13. What are your preferred tools to create art?
    At the moment definetely watercolors and pencils... I rediscovered my love for traditional art, even though I don't think there is anything I could share with you. Apart from that my Nikon of course and my beloved computer (his name is "Sir Henry" :giggle:).

  14. What is the most inspirational place for you to create art?
    Oh this is easy: definetely my home. As much as I love nature and as much as places and people inspire me, I think I get the most ideas when I am at home, just lying around daydreaming...

  15. What is your favourite DeviantArt memory?
    All of them together? I don't know... People here are coming and going... I always had nice talks and funny moments around here. I really enjoy the work in the groups I'm admin/mod of. Of course the nice feedback for my art is a point too. And of course the day I received my one and only DD (I was sooo proud and am still)...  It's really hard to tell. Probably everything together. You rock guys! :w00t:

Ahhh well now I got a little bit more sentimental than I wanted to... Sorry about this ^^;
Have a lovely evening and happy celebrating :party:


Hello everyone :wave:

SkyAndNatureClub proudly presents the best submissions of May 2013!
We feature the best pictures of every month, so make sure you submit your best works to the group and increase your chance to be featured :boogie:
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And now enjoy the monthly feature! :heart:

Flowers, Plants & Macro

Wildflowers by embethe

I'll Never Forget You by DorotejaC     Peacefully by OctodogPhotography     Sunlight Pink by shadowseyez

Dandelions by ChaoticAtmospheres

Life by njoyurdreams     Free Yourself! by LoveJaa     dandelion I by sarahbuhr

Terrae by DemonMathiel

Wind over water by lubbo     692 by Nigrita     Lost purple by lallirrr-photography

There's So Many Colors by ifsantag

HEART by Zi0oTo     Keukenhof by LightConcorde     Vibrance by KatiaIvaArts

Forget-me-nots by rosaarvensis

     Pitcher Plant Web Drops by FauxHead     Flake by deerArylide

sunny days - II by Orwald

Seductiveness by mqRina     Senses by TeaPhotography     White by Nancy94

Mom's garden by Elena-Alina

Dedal de Oro I by Forest-Imp          A Thousand Tears by ConH

Roses Wrapped in Dusk by MarsiaMS

forget me (not) by raindropsMelody     Warm Lights by gab984     Dream by hhh13

Eternity by FlabnBone

In the Twilight Hours... by cichutko     Springtime VII by Mariusart     Petite Dreams by chamathe

Little talks. by Cocooue


.006 by Sh000rty

Canyon of Color by PeterJCoskun     Evening Walk by hateom     sun-drenched by Mark-Heather

Dream A Little Dream by IngoSchobert


The Odenwald Sundown by freMDart

Buttercup Field by Becky125     Yellowstone Sunset 2 by MacroMagnificent     Place Fell by SkankinMike

Colchester Vt Morning 2013-05-14-008 by abatwood

Mountains by MadOwO     Summer Sunset by AdamK9     Glorious Ending by rekokros

The Storm by penner2000

Mystic Forest #4 by reznor666     Clouds under the peaks by bellaricca     Delightful Dream by markborbely

contrasts by antarialus

high seat by fotographikus     Path in the forest by SzymonMic     (My heart was closed and then the skies opened) by OlivierAccart

Sunset from the Puy de la Tache by MaximeCourty

Kaludra Illuminated by Bodenlos     burning sky by Mark-Heather     cloudy mountains by HenriqueAMagioli

Orvieto Sunset by scwl


Focal Point by erezmarom

Hawai'i by jaelise     Follow the Light #2.6 by legitsu    

Glitter in Dusk by Miguel-Santos

Floating in the twilight by Denisee02     Walkers Cove by steverankin    

Pag 2 by Klek

Serenity by cwaddell     102 by mabuli     Bali Blue Point by adityapudjo

anticipation by life-flashes

Rockaforte by A2Matos     Cordoama Sunset II by FelixInden     Forever by KrisVlad

Like a Sigh by PhotoByTrace

Colombia - Tayrona by lux69aeterna     Tranquil Sun by ShogunMaki     Dreamworld 2 by comsic

Plot Twist by Inebriantia

Divide by JaniTR     Latourell Falls BW 2 by worldtravel04     Effigy Top n' Tales. by chuxsta

Sunset by SorenWrang

Keep Your Head Up In The Clouds by marinsuslic          through stones and rocks.. by slatkatajna


Crying Lightning. by iheartcaptainkirk

Wish you were here with me by Chococosmos     Flying Colors by Yashy-Sich     Swirl of Color by Koreon01

After the storm II by Freya7

Standing by you by InnerTruth          Northern Lights by drewhoshkiw

Sea of Fog by CheeseFingers222

Moonaround by Antrisolja     Like Two Birds by Astranat


.:Egret Couple:. by RHCheng

Gosling by sylverface     Spring Grackle by 8TwilightAngel8     Happy Squirrel by Heidi-V-Art

At Home by wind-princess

Shadow P by Kriloner     The day's last song by irrlicht71     there's a bird by firxxx

Fly Away by embethe

seaguLL III by pLateauce     Lavish Lionfish by FauxHead     Rainbird by clippercarrillo

Wanna play? by Rozowynos

Bottoms Up-Jelly fish by MariaWillhelm     Jellyfish Gathering by DarthIndy     .: Reach the sky :. by VictorianPrincess


~ I by Sblourg

Papillone. by mylittlebluesky     Dragonfly by njoyurdreams     pure by efeline

Sweet Sips by Sarah-BK


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Thanks guys!

Journal Entry: Sun May 12, 2013, 5:18 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

Hey everyone!

I am really really busy again... I'm currently writing my bachelor thesis and there are tons of other things to do (because I finished my studies, have to move out, look for a job and everything)...

Sooo I am a little late, but thank you all who thought about me on my birthday :hug: I'm really flattered how many of you sent me wishes... :blushes: I didn't expect that many... Sooo... Thank you so much! You are all awesome and amazing and the best watchers of all :giggle:

And I promise to be more active soon again... When everything calms down a little bit again.

Have a lovely spring :blowkiss:

Hello everyone :wave:

SkyAndNatureClub proudly presents the best submissions of April 2013!
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And now enjoy the monthly feature! :heart:

Flowers, Plants & Macro

Flowers in the Sun [photo by cid228] by qwstarplayer

- Blossom I - by CarlaSophia     Pretty little thing by deerArylide     Time Cancels Young Pain by AkuZeku

The Last Light by TammyPhotography

Blue belle by Lanzie     Resonance by JonUriah     Little jewels (4) by midgardart

pink spring by Lain-AwakeAtNight

Circle of Life 1.2 by Optionator     Cherry Blossom by Squirrelondope     Two steps off the road by CID228

Ladybugs by xAmorphousx

Gold by VisualPoems     I fall just like a domino. by panna-phi     Windward by Dellessanna

Pink Flowers (1 of 1) by Vespertine420

Every Clover has a Silver Lining by Sarah-BK by Lea-Chausson-Lallier     B R O W N by Krissey

Frozen by Zelma1

To the sky by littleblacksouly          Soft spring by ratinrage

Breathe, Keep Breathing... by theresahelmer

Look Closer by doktorda     Pink. by o0-Rawrtastic-0o     Spring spawn by poppywaters

After the Rain... by Sarah-BK

Trio by Zedrake     If only... by Dokan-Kuwabara     Untitled by Csofia

En Garde by NNarcissus

Flow by 2cool2care     Springtime Love by ashleyDcrouse     there is always hope by creativemikey

Purple Plum Blossom by BirdyLee

Reed bed II by friedapi     Tulips 8 by zaphotonista     Winnter Drops by atLevel1Alt


Standing Tall And Proud by IngoSchobert

Spring moment by adamcroh     Golden Dream by John-Peter     Le temps qui passe .. by Mouna-Mekkaoui

Dusk beyond the pools by LinRuPhotography

From Earth They Rose by Mr-McChibi     Behind The Trees by Scorpidilion     chippewa inlet by BillyRWebb

Poppies by Chris-Lamprianidis

Tatras by yonashek     Golden Gate Bliss by LinRuPhotography     Spring Creeps in to The Forest by Stuzal

Earth by Mo-Photographer

Mist in the Valley by MaximeCourty     Sunrise by 2DoMeN2     Drifting In by jezebel144

Witchcraft by A2Matos

I Won't Melt by wormwood-doll     Glacial Frosting by MSimpsonPhotos     Night Watcher by PeterJCoskun

What's Hiding In The Fog? by Omo-Nomo

Beautiful life by ziggy90lisa     fog by KR-2Y-51-3K     Carpet beneath the stars by hrcM

Out of the Mist by Mashuto

Winter Sunset by MaximeCourty     Winter's Goodbye by MarcoHeisler     Losing my mind by Lentziu


Horizons by IvanAndreevich

IMG_8963-2 by trenki          The Mytic North - Pt. VI by TheChosenPesssimist

Misty Mountains 01 by lokinst

Stranded! by antarialus     Shimmer by jaelise     Wonderful Scenery by micecat

Treasure Island by MarvinDiehl

Terra Incognita by JanPusdrowski     On the Edge of the Western World II by NicolasAlexanderOtto     Life of Pie by torivarn

--^-- by AlexGrifo

A National Treasure by patu-     Swamp from Vendee by Philippe-Albanel    

...magical winterview... by FelixInden

Mexico - Agua Azul by lux69aeterna     Hinkley Lake, Hinkley Ohio by BillyRWebb     Frigid Morning Vista by ariseandrejoice

Playa de Benijo by vally5

Classic Multnomah Falls Shot by AFL     ostia by AlexGrifo     Reflections by medinka

La Falaise et l'Aiguille by JanPusdrowski

It's Time to Go by Brian-B-Photography     At the Edge of the Cliff by scwl     Afterglow 2 by KeldBach

Dreams from Underworld - 19 by DaniBabitz

Right place Right time 3 by shadowfoxcreative     12 Apostles by stinebamse     clearness by Mark-Heather

Ultimate Dream by Philippe-Albanel

Moonscape 1 by SgtBoognish


April Storm by sugoidave     Somewhere in Blue by pendrym     The Lost serenity by P3rL-Saint

Rangeland by Star Light by Trezizi

Magia luminii by malaladanila     Shine Down by WillTC     Dark sun rise by YOWYO

The thought in the clouds by JPGphotos

Milky Way, Andromeda-galaxy and PanSTARRS-comet by sed4tive     Afternoon ending by rabellogp    

Cosmic Palette by torivarn

Riding The Wind by IoannisCleary     Mud Pond Sunset by Metal-Bender     Sunset by whiteLion07


Jump on me by Rozowynos

Stretching by FicktionPhotography     Lady in Waiting by ashynekosan     Can You Be My Prince Charming?part II by BlueColoursOfNature

Elephant at Sunrise by batmantoo

          Let Me Love You by FriendFrog

Journeys End in Lovers Meeting by TerribleTer

elephants II by Dune-sea     Eagle in the Dark by Shadow-and-Flame-86     Ragdoll by IllusoryCalm

Cedar Waxwing by Andres-Cadena

.:Burrowing Owl III:. by RHCheng     Queen of the Night Portrait I by OrangeRoom     Charge! by forestgirl1

Undersea Odyssey by DarthIndy


Will you walk into my parlor? by b-and-icoot

~ by Sblourg     Bark Mulch Ladybug by BlackEyesSnowAngel     Wet Beetle by FauxHead

A touch of s p r i n g by GiuliaDepoliART

BUTTERFLY 3 by xACook     Misumena vatia by efeline     Sweet is the sound of my newborn wings by Tazmany


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Hello everyone :wave:

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Flowers, Plants & Macro

the silver by EvanMariah

Explosion by Sarah-BK     Contrasti by ifsantag     Drop 01 by s-kmp

Alone by whaeah

Paint Me a Spring by KatiaIvaArts     maternity by virtualgadjo     Tattoo by RibbonBlack

Finding Peace by anniejo82     Poppy Wetness by TruemarkPhotography     Early Spring by AljoschaThielen

Simple wild flowers 3 by ShlomitMessica     White beauty by Lamia86     Playful by rangan2510

Fresco by Antrisolja

By the shores by Auriferous-art     Flower (macro) by GuySella    

Nature's fallen diamonds by FeliDae84

.Flickering. by cichutko     Lady snowflake by Photo-Grafixx     Thirsty for spring by xxida

blue fairy-tale by k1ffy

new life by justerZ     Soft Spring by aninyosaloh     Spring Flower Exhibition by PassionAndTheCamera

Leaf the structure by jochniew

Muscheln by MisterMettler     Ice Bubbles 15v2 by Nooooooo87 


The best days by ildiko-neer

The Colours of Summer by Stuzal     Salmon Creek Trail by brandojones    

Looking down the Marmolada South Face in Winter by JamesRushforth

Path to Eventual v2.0 by reznor666     The Unbelievable Sunrise by MaximeCourty     -Yellow myth- by Janek-Sedlar

In the shadow by GaiusNefarious

I see Red by shadowfoxcreative          Last Rays by Beapanz

Sierra de Los Filabres - Mountain Road by SquirrelGirl111

Antelope Canyon, The ring by alierturk     Drakensberg by Arty-eyes     Secret canyon by Necy

Panamint Sunrise by Jordan-Roberts

My Morning by WynterWonderer     Weather the Storm by Laanscapes     midori by icon-iman

Contradiction by IvanAndreevich

I'll See You In My Dreams by NayeliNeria     Perfect day by WelshGlue     Ciao quasi primavera by LorenzoDiFolco

Magic Train-Into the Wild by SwissAdA

The Trinity by erezmarom     Power by Alex7fold     Winter landscape... or not by XavierSchneider


Last Colors by vally5     Genesis by GuySella     8 Beaufort by hateom

Flowing Symmetry by Jordan-Roberts

Tendrils by Leucareth     Explanation by IvanAndreevich     Sunset 286 by Lunox-baik

...morning blues... by FelixInden

Rocky Sunset by dorwein     Sunset Over Mediterranean Sea by caie143     Explode by nviki89

pink by stevenfields

The Mytic North - Pt. IV by TheChosenPesssimist     the water was warm by catch---22     Autumn Reflections 2 by sweetcivic

dalj1 by momcilo

Into The Vale by BookofThoth     Point Peron V by Aztil     Making the best of it by robowa

A Winter Storm Over Tahoe's Bonsai Rock by sellsworth

Discovery by twelvemotion     Rising Of The Waves by marinsuslic     Forest Illusion by Optionator

When the stars come out by Mizth

Bright and Icy by ariseandrejoice     Morning comes by Jolly-Imp     Askr by peterpateman

...pastellic winter sunrise... by FelixInden

Sri Lanka Sunset by comsic     Worlds Edge by Leucareth     Fusion by A2Matos

Reflection at Situ Gunung by Kyobelachyo


Falling Frost by msteenphotographer

Aurora Rupture by torivarn     17.03.2013. Aurora Borealis by puu4ux    

Palms of the Milky Way by erezmarom

Aurora borealis - Northern lights by valkeeja     old yet new - lighting by Picture-Bandit     Light and Dark by MSimpsonPhotos

Heaven in earth! by HenriqueAMagioli

crescent by cms-star     Drifting Along by ForeverLilly     A billion stars I have seen this night by BillyRWebb

The Last Day Of Our Acquaintance by NoahSud

Conduit of Communication by MarkLucey     Lunar Eclipse by KaneAbesamis    


Peaceful by dorwein

Chickadee by rctfan2     Whiskers by Visualiart     Sitting on a Snow Cone by papatheo

Golden Laziness by Valvador

Sleeping Leopard by MacroMagnificent     Fierce in darkness by RerinKin     Sleeping Kangaroo by stinebamse

Spring ? by Rozowynos

     Under the sea - I by 51ststate     Winter mallard by NicoFroehberg

Blink by mydigitalmind

     Flamingo by CoreyChiev     Browny the crab by Tomer-DA

The Huntress by clippercarrillo


buburuzaa by bilootza

Miss Bee by InnerTruth     Take to the Sky by alexgphoto     Curious Hunter by Zx30
Orange butterfly by dbroglin


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Hello everyone :wave:

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Flowers, Plants & Macro

With Love by kouki1

    Sappheiros by LuciaConstantin     Purple Finality by AvisBlack

touch of gold by Orwald

Daydream III by CristaliaART     Tiny flowers in the big forest by kitten-in-a-hat     .: Stoneflower Blossom :. by Frank-Beer

Forest Family by Evey90

Gentle Love by MarcoHeisler     If Only by Elasias    

Sunflower-2 by jbrum

    Valentine's Day by andersartigkeit     Georgia II by RogueFiddler

Radiance by samgreal

The Soft Touch of Spring by alexgphoto     Purple Aster by darkguitar3000     y u k i by NineOneThree

Crystalice IV by Photopathica

two lovers by kouki1     A Thorn By Any Other Name by CoreyEacret    

Flame by LorenzoDiFolco

Bleeding Snowflake by Kara-a     G E O M E T R I C S by Krissey     Lily of the Valley by Elysium6

Little Suns by gigabytemon

Lavender Garden by FlabnBone     In the still by petrova     Solely pink by Peregrijn

Single by RibbonBlack


L c I o M l B o O r by KR-2Y-51-3K

rising up by mnoruzi     Dreamland by AljoschaThielen     Alpha relaxation by infinityloop

Sheep and Volcanoes by FlorentCourty

Forest Blues by wosicz     Grace by amir-malka     Australian Rain Forest by monojam

Val d'Orcia by gummaid

nebel by Day--Dream     All You Leave Behind by imaginos-desdinova     Misty morning by erynrandir

Dancing Nancies by catch---22

Can't.....what's that? by GoofyPilot     Path to Heaven by puppydogbonz     smoke by KseniaMaytama

Follow the white rabbit by A2Matos

Magic of nature by Gautama-Siddharta     Enchanted by bongaloid     The Tree by Joalff

The Forest Master by JoseMelim

Waiting for the Sun by PeterJCoskun     At the very end of the Day by MaximeCourty     The Firmament Withdrew by Laanscapes

silence of nature  ! by The--Dark--Knight

    Path to Eventual by reznor666     Curve by JuhaniViitanen

Barania V by myusernameistaken2

A winter's day by freMDart     Kelli's Panorama by BillyRWebb     Winter XI by Mariusart

In Search of Cibola by catch---22

Waking From a Morning Dream by mreinig     alp panorama 1 by Rafnex     blizzard wonderland, Maine by sataikasia

On Melancholy Hill by Hestefotograf

Bethells by BenCrowlePhotography     stockerauer au02 by woisvogi     autumn by BellPhotography

Mui Ne Dunes Panorama by comsic

Mellow by shadowfoxcreative         Clear Sky by elariand

Arlberg I by acoresjo88

Winter day by MarvinOs     Iran - The leveling dust by O-Renzo     Tuscany IV by Gilgond


Light Quest by Philippe-Albanel

Celestial Tides by MahmoudYakut     Pipe Dream by jaelise    

The caress of the sun ... by Leocervas

Mulino dello Malotempo by LoganDTR     Cascades by isischneider     Dickson Falls Revisited by Brian-B-Photography

Johanna Sunrise by JacquelineBarkla

Slovenia, Bled by Li11y         Madness by yumiephantomhive

Sunset Over Waikiki by RunLikeATortus

Reflect by dmguthery     Battle of The Elements by Leucareth     Last Light by Leucareth

Hawaii, the rock by alierturk     ...Cordoama Sunset... by FelixInden     Quiet sunset by Zwoing

Kelambu beach sunset by JuhaniViitanen

Apocalypse by marinsuslic     Last Light by PeterJCoskun     Main Event by twelvemotion

White Spikes by erezmarom

Blue Boulders Beach - Exclusive HDR by somadjinn         Autumn by An-Drake

Lines by hateom

Your ghost by Zwoing         Paradisal by AndrewShoemaker

Great Nature by DrawingForLiving


Above the Darkness of the Night by RobertoBertero

    Aurora-Hill Psycho Edition by torivarn     Take Me Home by torivarn

Moonrise over Townsville by PhotoByTrace

Aurora Borealis in Florida by Grayfreak0     Amor de oro by Freenando     FIRE IN THE SKY by stef777


Fireworks peacock by Jona25

Spotted beauty by Nikki-vdp     Snow Leopard Close-up by OrangeRoom     Little Snownose by wind-princess

Stripes of the Southern Plains by enohla     Colors of Nature by Valvador    

fly away by SchlafundAtemlos

Longing for You by puppydogbonz     RedPanda no.1 by moranaF     Jolly ones by Morgan-Lou

silent by Ben-Kelevra

    Spiderman by FlockeInc     Winter Blues by wind-princess

So lonely by konstantingl

Kitty by InQdeth     Ruffles by Mimi-Love-4Ever     Momma Cardinal Frost by CoreyChiev

Snowy Owl #02 by vetchyKocour

    Smokey by emmasea     King of Jungles by OrangeRoom

Out of Time by Sarah-BK


sLEEPING bETWEEN pISTILS by NENE00     Journey through the Forest of Hair by Zx30     Round and Round by alexgphoto


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Flowers, Plants & Macro

texture by crazyovce

Here comes the sun and I say never go away. by lalivalmont     Winterland by WelcomeHomeJane     Never Let Me Go by Elasias

rose IV by glaerkasterin     Yellow Rose by Rentapest     smooth lines 1 by nicKram

Day 60 - And love is what remains by MonsterBrand

Leaf no.1 by moranaF     Small, Fragile and Blue by MouseMakesMess     And death shall be no more, by NNarcissus

After rain by MarvinOs

Frost flowers by Kurenai87         For Tea's Mom by Deb-e-ann

Frozen 1 by Lizalainx3

Yesteryear by MouseMakesMess     Winter by checkered-sMile    

Pienikukkaiset ruusut by AkuZeku

Crins et gouttes by scubapic     Droplets by Korpzgryndr     Water Droplet by satanicfreak666888

. by BlackMonk19

Drops by Sam-432         leaf bedazzle 2 7 by melrissbrook

hello again, winter! by Unassailably

Fay Lights by nahaldnin     The only one by CarlaSophia     Winter gift by Aprillka

Solitary Lily by TruemarkPhotography

Flash by AljoschaThielen         Marguerite by SilentNymph-92

In search of g l o r y by GiuliaDepoliART

    Ice-Cherry by funnyzzz     shattered by hexagonian

Sunflower by cazt1811

Red Poppies by sara-nmt     A Goodbye To Spring by SarahJPhotography     Snow flowers by petrova


Winter Oak by Grunvald

-Summoning the sun- by Janek-Sedlar     Snowfog Vineyard by roarbinson     Snowy Path by AljoschaThielen

Masai Sunset by eddieboy95

Cream by IvanAndreevich     Wood and Sun by KoljaNa     Golden Waves by FlorentCourty


Snow Path by DamianMekal     Moonlit Mt Hood by mofig     Sunset over Canyon Lake by DFWHDR

Mirkwood by scotto

Halt by IvanAndreevich     Sunrise from the top by MaximeCourty     the chosen one by acoresjo88

Morning Fire by FlorentCourty

Corvus Peak by Miguel-Santos     Miracle by life-flashes     cold green by gnorw

Goodbye by DemonMathiel

... in light we trust. by NoahSud         Winter picnic by WouterPera

Edge of Civilization by IvanAndreevich

    Sunset 30 by bluesgrass     Calm by Attia08

Frozen Lake by Mishkin-Rayman

fog of peace by killo-4     Near the blue sky by SyllAndy     three trees by indojo

Lahnanen by Jc428

starting over by paulchen11     The Mytic North - Pt. I by TheChosenPesssimist     Peek by shadowfoxcreative

Atonement by drkshp


invigorating by Philippe-Albanel

Calm by ori97     Winter view of lake Tahoe by esee    

.: Dragonflies Paradise :. by Frank-Beer

Painting with Light by hateom     horizon by sandeepsarma     Freeze by nviki89

Wonderland by KariLiimatainen

Golden Island by MarvinDiehl     Frozen world by InOnesMindsEye    

Winter Stream by Nichofsky

Hawaii by alierturk     Exalted by IvanAndreevich    

The Great Awakening by JanPusdrowski

Bako 3 by JuhaniViitanen     Midnight Sun - Rework by Omelettu     Chawengbeach by torivarn

Sunset on Lake Ontario by AndujarA     Im a Dreamer by A2Matos     Sunset paints the ice by Mogrianne

Salt River Twilight by PeterJCoskun

Snowy day by alexrkv         Pice of paradise by YOWYO

..panodyne.. by db-imagery

Road to Nowhere by Tazmaniac13     The Sleepy Mountains by MaximeDaviron     Cold On the Rocks by KyleOlson86

Sunrise Fever by hateom

Whitburn Wonderlands by Wayman     Why I love Early Mornings... by PhotoByTrace     Phoenix Rising by Leucareth

mirror by joz2k

Firsts by Mashuto         Taches de couleur by Zwoing

Another Time by IvanAndreevich

Promenade by IvanAndreevich     January Mood by KeldBach     Purify Me by daisukekuroneko

State of flux 01  color by freMDart


On an Iceland Night by erezmarom

Grainy Sunrise by BFGL     Ticket to Heaven by checkered-sMile     the sky during a magnific dusk by MorgueCaroObitorio

Guardians of the Universe by RobertoBertero

winter sky by lydluSKA     Night Sky -Orion by libra-dreamer     Glow jm0503 by joergens-mi

Fluffy Candy by aL-viN

    Silhouette by pink-coffee-cup     Sunrise In Costa Blanca 38 by ximocampo

Aurora Borealis ~ a hint of purple by ReseInsomniac      After the storm by Freya7        


Frog Shadow by twrl11

Derpy by mydigitalmind     Two birds by 2DoMeN2     Pride by Nikki-vdp

Buck by CanadianRy

Snow Bunting by mydigitalmind     .: Up I Go :. by hugogracaphotography     martin pecheur 19 by raskal27600

Symmetric by Selene-Emotion

Hovering Ruby Throated Hummer by papatheo     Merops apiaster - Prigorie by RichardConstantinoff     A Winter Perch by papatheo

Crab Cribrarius by Miguel-Santos

Furball by Visualiart     take off by isischneider     Over Istanbul by vabserk

Safe Under Your Protection by nataliebeth

Rescue Ranger by FlockeInc     His Majesty by FriendFrog     Ducklings by Deathbypuddle

Peacock by ADancerInTheDark

Big Red Spy by CoreyChiev     Untitled by lisans     Goodfeathers by Lanzie

White wolves - Wallpaper by cluster5020

Orangutan Love by BendxThexBracket     All Mine! by joeelway     robin by MountainsMarmot


Magical by imaagination

Cyclorrhapha by HobbyFotograf     C for Caterpillar by A2Matos     Ladybug by morpheus880223



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Wish me luck please!

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 29, 2013, 1:52 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

Hey everyone!

This week is exam week...
For me: 11 this week, so I probably won't be around very often...
Please wish me luck!!! 5 today, 4 on thursday and 2 on friday :faint: I'm sooooo done already with this shit...

Name Day Vera

Journal Entry: Thu Jan 24, 2013, 8:01 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

Today is my name day, which is a very important day in my family!
Congratulation to every Vera out there - you're awesome :D

Do you have a name day? Feel free to tell me when it is :giggle:

Hello everyone :wave:

SkyAndNatureClub proudly presents the best submissions of December 2012!
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Flowers, Plants & Macro

*** by NRichey

defy the odds by FlockeInc     .: Golden Lake in Autumn :. by Frank-Beer     Please Stay by Thilu

Nigella by cheah77

Leopard Lilly - III by KnittedBunny     Heart of Love by ann-beyond-repair     Return of the Sun by MarsiaMS

Autumn Coldness by KeldBach

close up winter leaves by mmwhaa     Good morning! by Modernmyth6277    

Lengthy by AbstractDr3ams

Melancholy by Kami-no-kuroi-namida         Intrepides by Morgan-Lou

The last hope by Knopp-Art

        On Fire by CarotidArtery

World of Wonder by aninyosaloh

Sunny flower by SawyerAFK     The First One by FlockeInc     Crimson by Misa-chii

All Day Frost by Nouvellesea

So cold by Nikki-vdp     Last leaf by iamBlackfox     Frozen Apples by BadMasterWolf

The Morning by LoveJaa

    **** by ZombieX4     It's just too beautiful to forget by toinfinity18

Kenko II by OSMiUMimages

:Shimmer: by cichutko     Faelight by Zanarky     In the right place by Mouna-Mekkaoui

Equity by fruitmonkey



-Archetype- by Janek-Sedlar

December Nostalgia by Lady-CaT         Sunset fountain by solarisa

Fog of the last mirror by A2Matos

dead place by CasheeFoo     last leaves of the fall by Writto     Winter evening light by AljoschaThielen

Pokinoi by RapDemon

-Path of daily moments- by Janek-Sedlar     Hot Day Dawning by PhotoByTrace     Winterday by Jc428

Fuji Clouds by gaelic

Path to Unknown by DanielZrno     Instant of Light by MaximeCourty     Snow is bliss by WouterPera

A Bard's Tale by LoneEarthling

Solitary by Tazmaniac13     Listen To God by Thinking-Silence     white field by grodlarv

The Bridge 2 by CathleenTarawhiti

8'o clock in the morning by homerlein     Summer remembrance by PawelMatys     Countryside by IvanAndreevich

Power of nature by yonashek

Winter landscape by Cicciobello-BoBo     Into Fog by roarbinson     Enlightened by Miguel-Santos


Ullswater by llemonthyme

Kirkjufell Reflection by erezmarom     Sunset in Maldives by andyietok     Last of the Year by Leucareth

the salt water by YouMan

Dreams from Underworld - 17 by DaniBabitz         Icy Dream by nviki89

Bavaro by IvanAndreevich

Essence by IvanAndreevich         Quiet waters by Alex7fold

The Lighthouse by A2Matos

    Erawan Waterfall by comsic     Sunrise by redwolf518

Morning Light by rctfan2

    HDR Sunset by GuySella    

Trapped between by hateom

Yellow Water Billabong by Lightkast     Allude by IvanAndreevich     Sunset at the beach by dorwein

1000+1 sunsets... by EvisaIsabellaRose

Fox River Sunrise by papatheo     SunsET by TexRamone     Beached by kittyblack13

River Stones by FilipR8

Reflect the sky by Liarbriarpantsonfiar     Water Swirls by photogrifos     sand river by stevenfields


Full HD (1920x1080) ''Above and Beyond'' Wallpaper by WillFactorMedia

Lone Cloud by candentesomnium     sky by lydluSKA     The last rays by wewe18

The Storm Returns by CoreyEacret

The Big Universe out there by Gautama-Siddharta     mountain with stars by alien8y     Diamonds by marinsuslic


The look by Malarkeys

Cardinal by Kiwi-chu         Up Close (colour version) by CanadianRy

Take us to the skies by FeliDae84

martin pecheur 16 by raskal27600     Little Lion Man by Aprillka     Good night... by Rathiell

Playful Pandas by Baron-Von-Coeus

Scaly Breasted Munia by himphotography     Ashy Prinia by himphotography    

hope by kamykaldo

Winter holidays by DeingeL-Dog-Stock         Gaudy Leaf Frog by lux69aeterna

Proud by Nefle


.:dronka:. by efeline

    bee and drips by firxxx     Plant a Garden. Paint a Butterfly. by ann-beyond-repair

Ladybug by JoseMelim

Damselfly rescue! by Zx30     Dragonfly Sentry by CailinGore     Ladybug No.3 by Piroshki-Photography


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Just discovered...

Journal Entry: Sat Jan 5, 2013, 7:24 AM
Skin by SimplySilent

... this journal skin!
It's totally amazing and I am definetely in LOVE with it :faint:
Just wanted you to know haha...

(In addition I wanted to update my journal a little bit more often than I normally do... I am always tooo lazy I guess ^^ But you can follow me on Twitter for more updates and quick news if you want!)

Sooo.. Not much news to tell, but I am here, alive and running...
The Best-of-Feature for SkyAndNatureClub is coming tonight or tomorrow... I have to redo it, because decided to delete all thumbs in the finished one before I could upload it yaaaay... Happiness all around.
In addition I wanted to do features besides group features on a more regular basis, but I am not sure whether I could start this in January, becauuuseee my exams are coming up (12 in one week again) so I bascially have to learn and work the whole day, the whole week, the whole month... Gahh...

Hope you are all alright and yeah... :w00t:
Feel hugged :D

Happy New Year 2013

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 31, 2012, 8:11 AM
Here comes the obligatory "Happy-New-Year-Journal-Entry"!

Have a wonderful new year 2013 and may all your wishes come true or at least a little bit closer :hug:s

Do you have any resolutions for the new year? If so feel free to leave them in a comment :giggle:
I think I'll break with the tradition this year... I never can keep the promises I make and I always promise the same: Do more art, go outside more often, stop the autoaggressive behaviour, learn more, do more different things in general and of course again: DO MORE ART
Well... You can imagine... :D

Do you have any great archievements 2012 you are thankful for? Feel free to leave a comment on them too :giggle:
I am proud of my five month internship I finished 2012 and the job I got after it... Even though now I feel like quitting it, because I have too much to do with uni and everything mmhmm... But I am proud nevertheless... Aaaand what else...?! Woah this is hard to think of in a way, because I tend to only think about the things I DIDN'T do perfectly ^^ I didn't upload many photos this year and most of them were quite old... But in a way I am proud I still could manage to upload at least a few and I like them, which is also rare haha :D
Well enough of this... Maybe I can think of some more things, deeper things... Then I'll edit the journal entry of course :giggle: Now tell me about yours :w00t:

Soooo again: Have a great new year and I hope you'll celebrate the evening yaaaay!
I am now off to church. :D
Feel hugged you lovelies!!

:blowkiss::blowkiss::blowkiss::blowkiss: by LisaMacNewtonFireworks by 8EvilEva8Fireworks by chalee-80

Merry Christmas

Journal Entry: Mon Dec 24, 2012, 4:27 AM
Merry Christmas to all of you who are going to celebrate it!
Have a great time with friends, family and of course your presents :w00t:

(Some christmas  tree photos may follow tomorrow...)
Currently I am wearing a dress that's waaaay to small because I am fat and ugly yay. I love christmas...

Have a good time, I love you all :hug:s


Send me your pictures pls

Thu Dec 20, 2012, 10:42 AM

Somehow I just deleted over 2k deviations in my inbox :O

I'm really sorry I can't view your submissions now, stupid me :stupidme:
Feel free to post some of your pictures and/or favorites here so I can still see them...

Gahh shitty day :D

Hello everyone! :wave:

:iconskyandnatureclub: proudly features the best submissions of November!

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And now enjoy our monthly feature! :heart:


Flowers, Plants & Macro

Blush by signed-silence

A entrance to ... Z by lubbo Found a feather by larksgar Olio - HD wallpaper by JanneO
The gift of a winter evening by Kokopa magical autumn by Iulian-dA-gallery Breath Of Life. by ZEUS1001
<da:thumb id="338687962"/> In the Blue by foreverstory Dew by awropa

Alone by k-simir <da:thumb id="335856880"/> *** by NRichey Over 'n' Over by cazador24

Fragile by AljoschaThielen <da:thumb id="334811472"/> Autumnal Dahlia Offering by wiebkerost

Hearting you.. by Lea-Chausson-Lallier To the Sky - V2 by FlabnBone Melancholy by ApisAter

I'm singing my blue(s) by LaRoseDePetitPrince

The Fall Blossom by lunasa47 Warmth by Dawns-Envy Golden glow by LadyCarnal
Jewels VIII by starykocur Fairy Slums by behindsilence Solar Wind by MarsiaMS
Shining Spiderweb by lazureblood Restraint by Thilu Happy Deathday by MarsiaMS Beautiful Flower by Trizzz01 Wonderosa by Psychothrone

Autumn Macro 6 by Okavanga


Autumn Splendor by Nichofsky

Into your dream by Morgan-Lou Foggy lake by Grayfreak0 the way home by mihmann

Campus sunrise by Joseph-W-Johns Mountain on fire by e2micha

The Vazquez Rocks 1 by Recalibration Magic forest by Vlad-Off-kru As the sky illuminates my lonely tree BW by P3rL-Saint

Brand New Day by MichalKownacki

Hypnotized by PeterJCoskun Peaceful Stream by MaximeCourty Victoria Falls - Over the Edge by WynterWonderer

around the world by Zaira555 Autumn dreams by sternenfern

Treacherous  mountains by Gautama-Siddharta Woodlight by bongaloid <da:thumb id="336378352"/>

n12 by KariLiimatainen

Locust Glow by PeterJCoskun Reaching Home by HannaLF <da:thumb id="339062939"/>  

Evening colors by jViks Heart of the Smokies by ChadRouthier Canyonlands by Stefano-Coltelli

Storm in Gold by LinRuPhotography Untermontani by filth666 Torn Sky by MaximeCourtySunset Line by tora-tigre


island mist... by craigletourneau

Colour Blast by comsic autumn ilumination by fkendi Before the Storm by hannajohn
Warm Light by hateom Jardin de coraux by scubapic Dreams from Underworld - 15 by DaniBabitz

10/26/12 by Reyson7 Tri Trang Beach by MahmoudYakut Ghostless Place by Paganpoetry17

Queen of the lake 4 by adamcroh

Days of Silence by NirChako Ruby Beach 16 by arnaudperret Cloud Serpent by Jordan-Roberts
Ocean Soul by indecent-lighting Horizon on fire by Lidija-Lolic Steinsvika revisited by torivarn

WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN by puken Belgium - Seagulls by lux69aeterna <da:thumb id="337373382"/>

Candy Beach by Hestefotograf Blue Sea by marinsuslic Fading by DilanCelebi Jaws by Anderol


Winter Milky Way by amewz

Aurora Brutality by Trichardsen Milky Way by marinsuslic Aurora and the Milky way by erezmarom

Moonlight Silhouette by DarthIndy Great Clouds by LoaiYamani 9 In The Afternoon by torivarn

tenerife by lindaatje July 2012 Taiwan Trip 22 by Momo-Zhao

<da:thumb id="336459333"/>


Crown Jellyfish by mroyat94

Gruesome by phospherant Eyes of death by Seb-Photos <da:thumb id="337208951"/>

Kitten by VinayRao Fall Cat by nightrose0087 autumn warmth II by thestargazer23

<da:thumb id="154356908"/> Wistful Grackle by Fail-Avenger martin pecheur 04 by raskal27600

martin pecheur 04 by raskal27600 One minute before the cataclysm... by DigitPhil Rough Green Snake Tongue by Fail-Avenger

Tit for fence by sonafoitova


Wings of an Angel by Sarah-BK

<da:thumb id="338785614"/> Monster by Tazmaniac13

gulf fritillary butterfly by artbylink Escape by Modernmyth6277

Shiny beetle - Protaetia aeruginosa by Yeden .Polyommatus. by efeline

Keep up your good works!
And to everyone else: Hope to see you around soon :wave:
:heart: Shadowelve for SkyAndNatureClub


Journal Entry: Sun Nov 11, 2012, 3:00 AM
I'm so tired and exhausted and ill at the moment.
Sometimes I really don't know how to go on...

So one more time: Sorry for not being around, doing new stuff and talking to you all.
I promise to be around more often soon. Hopefully... You'll never know.
Also my premium membership runs out and I don't know whether I can or want to afford a new one...

Whatever, I really should stop whining and complaining... I just wanted to say: Yes, I am alive (barely) and I hope you are all doing fine!
Oh and also: I reactivated my twitter... So if you want, you can follow me HERE


Hello everyone! :wave:

:iconskyandnatureclub: proudly features the best submissions of October!

We   will feature the best pictures of every month, so make sure you submit  your best works to increase your chance to be featured :boogie:Not  yet a member? Have a look at our Blog  and feel free to join!

Again a little sidenote: I slightly changed the layout of the feature. What do you think? Is it better or worse? Feel free to leave some feedback!

And now enjoy our monthly feature! :heart:


Flowers, Plants & Macro

Caught in the beauty by AljoschaThielen

Flower by JaredKnowles Veins by NurseMaes Leaves by angryannoyance

Belle Douceur by VesperRain Blue memories by Elena-Alina To Just Grow Away by Plackman

Beautiful purple flowers by MilanVopalensky Broken Rose Petals by FridaSort Roses Are Red? by behindsilence

Golden Perrenial by DismayedSense The Smallest Flower by GERARDwayFORlife S H A D E S . O F . V I O L E T by Krissey

Blue October by MarcoHeisler Calm Cone by EmersonStem It's My Birthday Today! by Arctida

Blue Flower by CreamyJem Fade away by feigenfrucht Autumn Palette by Nachtderwolf dragon by KR-2Y-51-3K 300 by only1second


Pure by Capturing-the-Light  

Autumn Alleghenies by jonathanjessup My Personal Sky by dragon-fly-to-me <da:thumb id="332982115"/>

The ephemeral lands of fire. by landscapes-flake Goettingen, Fall Traveller by alierturk Forest by Lodchen-Photography

Truro airfield in Cornwall by captainflynn Purple Sky by x30ffx The Dream Gazebo by IngoSchobert

Morning Glory by jViks -Two praying monks- by Janek-Sedlar <da:thumb id="333851680"/>

Traingle by GaiusNefarious Into The Light by MichalKownacki XLVIII by lukaspeterec 

morning in the forest by woisvogi Nautilus by erezmarom tree of heaven by kimerajam

Dark forest by Chiaralovestwilight Legion by IvanAndreevich Firefield by IvanAndreevich

From the Cave by MaximeCourty Among The Aspens by HighCountryImages I'll Stay Right Here by jonathanjessup 

fog by yvasss Etosha, Namibia by M10tje When September Ends by KrisVlad

sun in the forest by SwissAdA After a rainy night by cluster5020 Uluru Dreaming by Lightkast

where dreams come true. by Unassailably Rain's Comin' by redwolf518 october beach by KseniaMaytama <da:thumb id="311921156"/>


Colors by SwissAdA

Autumn Haze II by Photopathica <da:thumb id="332896910"/> Spooky tree sunset by peterpateman 

You Come in Waves by catch---22 ..anodyne.. by db-imagery <da:thumb id="333577477"/> 

Nature's Sculpture by PhotoByTrace Milky Way above Mont Blanc by RobertoBertero The Last Crimson by PortraitOfaLife

<da:thumb id="330400227"/> Blue becomes purple by narisign Curonian Sunset 3 by rici66 

Morning at The Park by Stuzal Climax by JimP4nsen Outstretched by IvanAndreevich

on another planet by KariLiimatainen Mellow Sunset by GregoriusSuhartoyo Hush by IvanAndreevich

Breakout by IvanAndreevich Povljana 2 by Klek Sunset upon lake Como .01 by Pharaun333 

floating II by subway2008 Take my mind by Zwoing <da:thumb id="324437244"/>

The Other Side by MichalKownacki Skyfall by marinsuslic

Marble Coast Color by JanPusdrowski Calmness by NickKoutoulas Symmetry by MatiasSieppi


Aurora Australis by CapturingTheNight

And the air is filled with .. by szou Aurora Dragon. by Trichardsen Aurora Borealis - Green highway to heaven by jzky So far away... by Soffeline

<da:thumb id="329248705"/> Road to the Stars by MorkelErasmus The Lights and the Peak ! by SindreAHN      

Our galaxy by Gautama-Siddharta <da:thumb id="331821843"/> 


The Leafy Seadragon by signed-silence

Little acrobat I by NicoFroehberg Man's Best Friend In The Celestial Mountains I by darkcalypso <da:thumb id="333796468"/>

Raie sous roche by scubapic Mandarin Reflections by AJKent Affection by Tazmaniac13

<da:thumb id="330799450"/> Motorbike Frog by MayEbony Cute face by eperlekvar

Annas Hummingbird by CamdenHackworth The Survivor by LironSamuels Crab by MichaelHorwath

Big Long Now by RiotSong Queen of the lake by adamcroh

<da:thumb id="329745253"/> <da:thumb id="332759244"/>


Dragonfly21 by NRichey

Relaxing by WillTC ~Monarch Butterfly~ by Cassandrina Comma by Cluke111


Keep up your good works!
And to everyone else: Hope to see you around soon :wave:

Hello everyone! :wave:

:iconskyandnatureclub: proudly features the best submissions of September!

We will feature the best pictures of every month, so make sure you submit your best works to increase your chance to be featured :boogie:

Not yet a member? Have a look at our Blog and feel free to join!

A little side note this time: I am sorry, there have been two or three month without a feature. I have been very ill, but I am back and running! :D

And now enjoy our monthly feature! :heart:


Flowers, Plants & Macro

Leaflets II by DismayedSense Summer Crop Collection Wallpaper -updated- by IoannisCleary 0221 dream on by Oo-lacrima-oO

Tributaries of Life by Lady-Trevelyan Fireworks by AdamSherratt Dream by Syrjusz

:thumb325433328: Forget-Me-Nots 10 by zaphotonista Love is blind love is faith by Morgan-Lou

Naked in the rain by LorenzoDiFolco Shades of purple by PuppetSan Sweet Dreams.. by Hestefotograf

Phacelia tanacetifolia by elariand :thumb328446494: Source Of Life by Kara-a

Love knows how to forgive by AkuZeku Nichols Creek 3 by shadowfoxcreative Light leak by JuhaniViitanen

Electric dandelion by maroooned float by MK-NI Love in a Nut Shell by dalmation1080

Sun Beams by NicoFroehberg moradas 2 by turulato :thumb327616036:

poppy by priwax Pearls of Rose by Niophee 


Autumn impression 2 by Su58 Kirkjufell Panorama by cwaddell Good morning San Francisco by alierturk