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January 6, 2013
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Hello everyone :wave:

SkyAndNatureClub proudly presents the best submissions of December 2012!
We feature the best pictures of every month, so make sure you submit your best works to the group and increase your chance to be featured :boogie:
Not yet a member? Have a look at our Blog and feel free to join!

And now enjoy the monthly feature! :heart:

Flowers, Plants & Macro

*** by NRichey

defy the odds by FlockeInc     .: Golden Lake in Autumn :. by Frank-Beer     Please Stay by Thilu

Nigella by cheah77

Leopard Lilly - III by KnittedBunny     Heart of Love by ann-beyond-repair     Return of the Sun by MarsiaMS

Autumn Coldness by KeldBach

close up winter leaves by mmwhaa     Good morning! by Modernmyth6277    

Lengthy by AbstractDr3ams

Melancholy by Kami-no-kuroi-namida     Hydrophobic effect by Ymntle-Aleoni     Intrepides by Morgan-Lou

The last hope by Knopp-Art

Blue by Kuro-Katze         On Fire by CarotidArtery

World of Wonder by aninyosaloh

Sunny flower by SawyerAFK     The First One by FlockeInc     Crimson by Misa-chii

All Day Frost by Nouvellesea

So cold by Nikki-vdp     Last leaf by iamBlackfox     Frozen Apples by BadMasterWolf

The Morning by LoveJaa

    **** by ZombieX4     It's just too beautiful to forget by toinfinity18

Kenko II by A2-200x

:Shimmer: by cichutko     Faelight by Zanarky     In the right place by Mouna-Mekkaoui

Equity by fruitmonkey



-Archetype- by Janek-Sedlar

December Nostalgia by Lady-CaT         Sunset fountain by solarisa

Fog of the last mirror by A2Matos

dead place by CasheeFoo     last leaves of the fall by Writto     Winter evening light by AljoschaThielen

Pokinoi by RapDemon

-Path of daily moments- by Janek-Sedlar     Hot Day Dawning by PhotoByTrace     Winterday by Jc428

Fuji Clouds by gaelic

Path to Unknown by DanielZrno     Instant of Light by MaximeCourty     Snow is bliss by WouterPera

A Bard's Tale by LoneEarthling

Solitary by Tazmaniac13     Listen To God by Thinking-Silence     white field by grodlarv

The Bridge 2 by CathleenTarawhiti

8'o clock in the morning by homerlein     Summer remembrance by PawelMatys     Countryside by IvanAndreevich

Power of nature by yonashek

Winter landscape by Cicciobello-BoBo     Into Fog by roarbinson     Enlightened by Miguel-Santos


Ullswater by llemonthyme

Kirkjufell Reflection by erezmarom     Sunset in Maldives by andyietok     Last of the Year by Leucareth

the salt water by YouMan

Dreams from Underworld - 17 by DaniBabitz         Icy Dream by nviki89

Bavaro by IvanAndreevich

Essence by IvanAndreevich         Quiet waters by Alex7fold

The Lighthouse by A2Matos

The sky is burning... by the-black-swan     Erawan Waterfall by comsic     Sunrise by redwolf518

Morning Light by rctfan2

Snowy Shore by moe2112     HDR Sunset by GuySella    

Trapped between by hateom

Yellow Water Billabong by Lightkast     Allude by IvanAndreevich     Sunset at the beach by dorwein

1000+1 sunsets... by EvisaIsabellaRose

Fox River Sunrise by papatheo     SunsET by TexRamone     Beached by kittyblack13

River Stones by FilipR8

Reflect the sky by Liarbriarpantsonfiar     Water Swirls by photogrifos     sand river by stevenfields


Full HD (1920x1080) ''Above and Beyond'' Wallpaper by WillFactorMedia

Lone Cloud by candentesomnium     sky by lydluSKA     The last rays by wewe18

The Storm Returns by SevenPhotoDFW

The Big Universe out there by Gautama-Siddharta     mountain with stars by alien8y     Diamonds by marinsuslic


The look by Malarkeys

Cardinal by Kiwi-chu     The Macaw by Wild-N-Stuff     Up Close (colour version) by CanadianRy

Take us to the skies by FeliDae84

martin pecheur 16 by raskal27600     Little Lion Man by Aprillka     Good night... by Rathiell

Playful Pandas by Baron-Von-Coeus

Scaly Breasted Munia by himphotography     Ashy Prinia by himphotography     Our Susan by DietrichVonSchwarz

hope by kamykaldo

Winter holidays by DeingeL-Dog-Stock         Gaudy Leaf Frog by lux69aeterna

Proud by Nefle


.:dronka:. by efeline

    bee and drips by firxxx     Plant a Garden. Paint a Butterfly. by ann-beyond-repair

Ladybug by JoseMelim

Damselfly rescue! by Zx30     Dragonfly Sentry by CailinGore     Ladybug No.3 by Piroshki-Photography


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Best submissions of December 2012 for #SkyAndNatureClub!
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And thanks as well :D I really love doing this :hug:
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