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Submitted on
March 4, 2013


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Hello everyone :wave:

SkyAndNatureClub proudly presents the best submissions of February 2013!
We feature the best pictures of every month, so make sure you submit your best works to the group and increase your chance to be featured :boogie:
Not yet a member? Have a look at our Blog and feel free to join!

And now enjoy the monthly feature! :heart:

Flowers, Plants & Macro

With Love by kouki1

    Sappheiros by LuciaConstantin     Purple Finality by AvisBlack

touch of gold by Orwald

Daydream III by CristaliaART     Tiny flowers in the big forest by kitten-in-a-hat     .: Stoneflower Blossom :. by Frank-Beer

Forest Family by Evey90

Gentle Love by MarcoHeisler     If Only by Elasias     hold on by hayzy

Sunflower-2 by jbrum

    Valentine's Day by andersartigkeit     Georgia II by RogueFiddler

Radiance by samgreal

The Soft Touch of Spring by alexgphoto     Purple Aster by darkguitar3000     y u k i by NineOneThree

Crystalice IV by Photopathica

two lovers by kouki1     A Thorn By Any Other Name by SevenPhotoDFW    

Flame by LorenzoDiFolco

Bleeding Snowflake by Kara-a     G E O M E T R I C S by Krissey     Lily of the Valley by Elysium6

Little Suns by gigabytemon

Lavender Garden by FlabnBone     In the still by petrova     Solely pink by Peregrijn

Single by RibbonBlack


L c I o M l B o O r by KR-2Y-51-3K

rising up by mnoruzi     Dreamland by AljoschaThielen     Alpha relaxation by infinityloop

Sheep and Volcanoes by FlorentCourty

Forest Blues by wosicz     Grace by amir-malka     Australian Rain Forest by monojam

Val d'Orcia by gummaid

nebel by Day--Dream     All You Leave Behind by imaginos-desdinova     Misty morning by erynrandir

Dancing Nancies by catch---22

Can't.....what's that? by GoofyPilot     Path to Heaven by puppydogbonz     smoke by KseniaMaytama

Follow the white rabbit by A2Matos

Magic of nature by Gautama-Siddharta     Enchanted by bongaloid     The Tree by Joalff

The Forest Master by JoseMelim

Waiting for the Sun by PeterJCoskun     At the very end of the Day by MaximeCourty     The Firmament Withdrew by Laanscapes

silence of nature  ! by The--Dark--Knight

    Path to Eventual by reznor666     Curve by juhku

Barania V by myusernameistaken2

A winter´s day by freMDartet     Kelli's Panorama by BillyRWebb     Winter XI by Mariusart

In Search of Cibola by catch---22

Waking From a Morning Dream by mreinig     alp panorama 1 by Rafnex     blizzard wonderland, Maine by sataikasia

On Melancholy Hill by A-Motive

Bethells by Aotearoa-Westie     stockerauer au02 by woisvogi     autumn by BellPhotography

Mui Ne Dunes Panorama by comsic

Mellow by shadowfoxcreative         Clear Sky by elariand

Arlberg I by acoresjo88

Winter day by MarvinOs     Iran - The leveling dust by O-Renzo     Tuscany IV by Gilgond


Light Quest by Philippe-Albanel

Celestial Tides by MahmoudYakut     Pipe Dream by jaelise     Inukshuk : 2 by oh-juliet

The caress of the sun ... by Leocervas

Mulino dello Malotempo by LoganDTR     Cascades by isischneider     Dickson Falls Revisited by Brian-B-Photography

Johanna Sunrise by JacquelineBarkla

Slovenia, Bled by Li11y         Madness by yumiephantomhive

Sunset Over Waikiki by RunLikeATortus

Reflect by dmguthery     Battle of The Elements by Leucareth     Last Light by Leucareth

Fanad Head lighthouse by Konieczny12

Hawaii, the rock by alierturk     ...Cordoama Sunset... by FelixInden     Quiet sunset by Zwoing

Kelambu beach sunset by juhku

Apocalypse by marinsuslic     Last Light by PeterJCoskun     Main Event by twelvemotion

White Spikes by erezmarom

Blue Boulders Beach - Exclusive HDR by somadjinn         Autumn by An-Drake

Lines by hateom

Your ghost by Zwoing     Triberg Falls by themainman2810     Paradisal by AndrewShoemaker

Great Nature by DrawingForLiving


Above the Darkness of the Night by RobertoBertero

    Aurora-Hill Psycho Edition by torivarn     Take Me Home by torivarn

Moonrise over Townsville by PhotoByTrace

Aurora Borealis in Florida by Grayfreak0     Amor de oro by Freenando     FIRE IN THE SKY by stef777


Fireworks peacock by Jona25

Spotted beauty by Nikki-vdp     Snow Leopard Close-up by OrangeRoom     Little Snownose by wind-princess

Stripes of the Southern Plains by enohla     Colors of Nature by Valvador    

fly away by SchlafundAtemlos

Longing for You by puppydogbonz     RedPanda no.1 by moranaF     Jolly ones by Morgan-Lou

silent by Ben-Kelevra

Favourite bird by morganmore     Spiderman by FlockeInc     Winter Blues by wind-princess

So lonely by konstantingl

Kitty by InQdeth     Ruffles by Mimi-Love-4Ever     Momma Cardinal Frost by CoreyChiev

Snowy Owl #02 by vetchyKocour

    Smokey by emmasea     King of Jungles by OrangeRoom

Out of Time by Sarah-BK


sLEEPING bETWEEN pISTILS by NENE00     Journey through the Forest of Hair by Zx30     Round and Round by alexgphoto

Butterflies Monarca by DanieleG


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Thank you, it's an honour.
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fantastic images :)
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Wow, thanks so much for including my work in this awesome collection!
best regards
Shadowelve Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
You're very welcome :aww:
Leucareth Featured By Owner Mar 11, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Beautiful feature thank you so much :D:D
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