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Submitted on
February 1, 2013


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Hello everyone :wave:

SkyAndNatureClub proudly presents the best submissions of January 2013!
We feature the best pictures of every month, so make sure you submit your best works to the group and increase your chance to be featured :boogie:
Not yet a member? Have a look at our Blog and feel free to join!

And now enjoy the monthly feature! :heart:

Flowers, Plants & Macro

texture by crazyovce

Here comes the sun and I say never go away. by lalivalmont     Winterland by WelcomeHomeJane     Never Let Me Go by Elasias

Sunlight by IngeSlouwerhof

rose IV by glaerkasterin     Yellow Rose by Rentapest     smooth lines 1 by nicKram

Day 60 - And love is what remains by MonsterBrand

Leaf no.1 by moranaF     Small, Fragile and Blue by Annimouse     And death shall be no more, by NNarcissus

After rain by MarvinOs

Frost flowers by Kurenai87         For Tea's Mom by Deb-e-ann

Frozen 1 by Lizalainx3

Yesteryear by Annimouse     Winter by checkered-sMile     Time is Moving Slow by Aranthi-Evenstar

Pienikukkaiset ruusut by AkuZeku

Crins et gouttes by scubapic     Droplets by Korpzgryndr     Water Droplet by satanicfreak666888

. by BlackMonk19

Drops by Sam-432     Blossom by Black-Ban     leaf bedazzle 2 7 by melrissbrook

hello again, winter! by Unassailably

Fay Lights by nahaldnin     The only one by CarlaSophia     Winter gift by Aprillka

Solitary Lily by andras120

Flash by AljoschaThielen     web by morganmore     Marguerite by SilentNymph-92

In search of g l o r y by GiuliaDepoliART

    Ice-Cherry by funnyzzz     shattered by hexagonian

Sunflower by cazt1811

Red Poppies by sara-nmt     A Goodbye To Spring by SarahJPhotography     Snow flowers by petrova


Winter Oak by Grunvald

-Summoning the sun- by Janek-Sedlar     Snowfog Vineyard by roarbinson     Snowy Path by AljoschaThielen

Masai Sunset by eddieboy95

Cream by IvanAndreevich     Wood and Sun by KoljaNa     Golden Waves by FlorentCourty


Snow Path by DamianMekal     Moonlit Mt Hood by mofig     Sunset over Canyon Lake by DFWHDR

Mirkwood by scotto

Halt by IvanAndreevich     Sunrise from the top by MaximeCourty     the chosen one by acoresjo88

Morning Fire by FlorentCourty

Corvus Peak by Miguel-Santos     Miracle by life-flashes     cold green by gnorw

Goodbye by DemonMathiel

... in light we trust. by NoahSud     into the fog by sararossi     Winter picnic by WouterPera

Edge of Civilization by IvanAndreevich

    Sunset 30 by bluesgrass     Calm by Attia08

Frozen Lake by Mishkin-Rayman

fog of peace by killo-4     Near the blue sky by SyllAndy     three trees by indojo

Lahnanen by Jc428

starting over by paulchen11     The Mytic North - Pt. I by TheChosenPesssimist     Peek by shadowfoxcreative

Atonement by drkshp


invigorating by Philippe-Albanel

Calm by ori97     Winter view of lake Tahoe by esee    

.: Dragonflies Paradise :. by Frank-Beer

Painting with Light by hateom     horizon by sandeepsarma     Freeze by nviki89

Wonderland by KariLiimatainen

Golden Island by MarvinDiehl     Frozen world by InOnesMindsEye     Lake 2 by FrancescaDelfino

Winter Stream by Nichofsky

Hawaii by alierturk     Exalted by IvanAndreevich    

The Great Awakening by JanPusdrowski

Bako 3 by juhku     Midnight Sun - Rework by Omelettu     Chawengbeach by torivarn

Magic Pond by Trichardsen

Sunset on Lake Ontario by AndujarA     Im a Dreamer by A2Matos     Sunset paints the ice by Mogrianne

Salt River Twilight by PeterJCoskun

Snowy day by alexrkv         Pice of paradise by YOWYO

..panodyne.. by db-imagery

Road to Nowhere by Tazmaniac13     The Sleepy Mountains by MaximeDaviron     Cold On the Rocks by KyleOlson86

Sunrise Fever by hateom

Whitburn Wonderlands by Wayman     Why I love Early Mornings... by PhotoByTrace     Phoenix Rising by Leucareth

mirror by joz2k

Firsts by Mashuto         Taches de couleur by Zwoing

Another Time by IvanAndreevich

Promenade by IvanAndreevich     January Mood by KeldBach     Purify Me by daisukekuroneko

State of flux 01  color by freMDartet


On an Iceland Night by erezmarom

Grainy Sunrise by BFGL     Ticket to Heaven by checkered-sMile     the sky during a magnific dusk by MorgueCaroObitorio

Guardians of the Universe by RobertoBertero

winter sky by lydluSKA     Night Sky -Orion by libra-dreamer     Glow jm0503 by joergens-mi

Fluffy Candy by aL-viN

I'm Wonderstruck. by stephenb19     Silhouette by pink-coffee-cup     Sunrise In Costa Blanca 38 by ximocampo

Aurora Borealis ~ a hint of purple by ReseInsomniac      After the storm by Freya7        


Frog Shadow by twrl11

Derpy by mydigitalmind     Two birds by 2DoMeN2     Pride by Nikki-vdp

Buck by CanadianRy

Snow Bunting by mydigitalmind     .: Up I Go :. by Zugo     martin pecheur 19 by raskal27600

Symmetric by Selene-Emotion

Hovering Ruby Throated Hummer by papatheo     Merops apiaster - Prigorie by RichardConstantinoff     A Winter Perch by papatheo

Crab Cribrarius by Miguel-Santos

Furball by Visualiart     take off by isischneider     Over Istanbul by vabserk

Safe Under Your Protection by nataliebeth

Rescue Ranger by FlockeInc     His Majesty by FriendFrog     Ducklings by Deathbypuddle

Peacock by ADancerInTheDark

Big Red Spy by CoreyChiev     Untitled by lisans     Goodfeathers by Lanzie

White wolves - Wallpaper by cluster5020

Orangutan Love by BendxThexBracket     All Mine! by joeelway     robin by MountainsMarmot


Magical by imaagination

Cyclorrhapha by HobbyFotograf     C for Caterpillar by A2Matos     Ladybug by morpheus880223



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Shadowelve Featured By Owner Feb 24, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
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